Published on 2016-6-3

Main technologies used: Tin Can API (Learning Locker).

Data recorded

Tin Can API records data in so called statements. They conceptually capture a learning activity.

These statements are composed by the following elements: subject, verb, activity, result and context. The following table summarizes what PT Anywhere records and how. For a more detailed documentation, visit this page.

Subject Anonymized ID. Reused from a previous session ID if possible.
Verb Initialized, terminated, created, deleted, updated and used.
Activity Widget, Device, Link and Command line.
Result Specific for an activity instantiation.
It has general data and application specific information
(discouraged because does not promote interoperability).
Context Session ID and activity categorization.
Learning Locker screenshot

Features of the dashboard

Data analysis

Main technologies used: Pandas, Matplotlib, SciPy, Sklearn and Seaborn.