Aitor Gómez Goiri


About me

I'm a senior researcher at Tecnalia . From 2016 to 2019 I worked at Ikerlan and from 2015 to 2016, at the (, UK) . Before 2015, I worked at the MORElab research group and as an Assistant Professor at the University of Deusto. I finished a joint-degree on Computer Engineering and Engineering in Industrial Organization in 2008 and a MSc in Software Development in 2010 and my PhD in 2014 at the University of Deusto.

Aitor Gómez Goiri



Since 2019
Senior researcher at Cybersecurity team

I designed and developed several decentralized applications for a range of projects where blockchain (or more generally distributed ledger) technologies were used to ensure an immutable, agreed and shared state between untrusted parties.

  • Smart-contracts for Ethereum with Solidity.
  • ÐApps in Javascript.
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Researcher at the Big Data Architectures team

I designed and developed several projects where Internet connectivity was provided to industrial equipment (e.g. press machines, weighing scales or remote controls). The webapps I built let customers monitor their equipment, actuate over it and exploit the data they send to guarantee their correct maintenance.

  • Data visualizations in Single-page applications using React and Redux. Interaction with devices using websockets and MQTT protocol.
  • Web APIs using AWS API Gateway or Springboot and integrating several authentication services.
  • Data ingest using Spark structured streaming, Apache Kafka and AWS Lambda functions.
  • Storage using both relational and NoSQL databases like PostgreSQL, DynamoDB o InfluxDB.
  • Automated deployment using Serverless framework, Maven and Docker containers.
Arrasate, Spain
Open University
Research Associate

Lead design, development and maintenance of PT Anywhere,
a web version for the popular network simulator (Cisco Packet Tracer).
Scaling up PT to run more than 500 simultaneous instances per machine using Docker.
Creating web API for managing instance allocation and creation based on the computer load.
Creating tools and visualizations to aid teachers improving students' learning process.
Creating automatic provision scripts for every component of the architecture.
Research on Technology Enhanced Learning within FORGE and weSPOT EU projects.
Additional skills: agile methodologies & problem assessing and solving.

Milton Keynes, UK
University of Deusto
2008-2014, 2014-2015
Research Associate, Research Assistant

I installed and managed a multi-node OpenStack cloud. This cloud hosted the components of a web application (a remote laboratory) ensuring its high availability. I co-designed and implemented an authentication and authorization mechanism for hardware-constrained devices. I ported the CLIPS rule-based reasoner to Android. Additional skills: team working, self-learning, agile methodologies, working to deadlines & problem assessing and solving.

Bilbao, Spain
ETH Zürich
2013 (7 weeks)
Visiting researcher
Zürich, Switzerland
Lancaster University
2011 (6 weeks)
Visiting researcher
Lancaster, UK
University of Deusto
2011 and 2012
Assistant lecturer

I taught BSc and MSc students programming (data structures and algorithms in Java) and development tools (VCS, unit testing, continuous integration and issue tracking systems). Additional skills: communication & working to deadlines.

Bilbao, Spain
Asanpi 2000 S.L.
System administrator
Abanto-Zierbena, Spain


University of Deusto

PhD in Computer Science.
Dissertation: “Semantic Tuple Spaces for Constrained Devices: A Web-compliant Vision

Bilbao, Spain
University of Deusto

M.Sc. in Development and Integration of Software Solutions
Specializations: Java and mobile computing.

Bilbao, Spain
University of Deusto

B.Sc. Computer Engineering
B.Sc. Industrial Organization Engineering
(Joint Degree)

Bilbao, Spain

Technical Skills

The following should be read as: "Experience with" (default) and "Day-to-day comfort" (in italic).


JavaScript, Java, Python and others to a lesser extent

Web frontend

HTML5, CSS, React, Redux y Rxjs
Wide experience using libraries like Material UI, Highcharts, vis.js or Google maps

Web backend

REST, Springboot, Jersey (JAX-RS), Flask, Websockets, Keycloak, Celery & Swagger

Amazon WS

Gateway API, Lambda, Cloudfront, RDS, DynamoDB, Iot, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 & Cognito

Big data

Data Analysis

Mobile & IoT

Android, Linux-based embedded platforms (e.g., Raspberry Pi) & Arduino





Sysadmin on GNU/Linux (Debian and RHEL -based) & OpenStack


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