# Aitor Gómez Goiri ### aitor@gomezgoiri.net ### [http://gomezgoiri.net](http://gomezgoiri.net) ### [http://github.com/gomezgoiri](http://github.com/gomezgoiri) ## Personal Information (Removed in the online version) ## Professional Experience {# Add additional skills for less technical skills? #} {# Ejemplos: team working, communication, customer service, problem solving, #} {# agile methodologies, problem assessing, accuracy, working to deadlines, #} {# attention to detail. #} Since 2019 | __Senior Researcher__ at Tecnalia in the _Cybersecurity_ team. | 2016-2019 | __Researcher__ at IKERLAN in the _Big Data Architectures_ team. | I designed and developed several projects where Internet connectivity was provided to industrial equipment (e.g. press machines, weighing scales or remote controls). The webapps I built let customers monitor their equipment, actuate over it and exploit the data they send to guarantee their correct maintenance. | - Data visualizations in Single-page applications using _React_ and _Redux_. Interaction with devices using websockets and MQTT protocol. | - Web APIs using _AWS API Gateway_ or _Springboot_ and integrating several authentication services. | - Data ingest using _Spark structured streaming_, _Apache Kafka_ and _AWS Lambda functions_. | - Storage using both relational and NoSQL databases like _PostgreSQL_, _DynamoDB_ o _InfluxDB_. | - Automated deployment using Serverless framework, Maven and Docker containers. | 2015-2016 | __Research Associate__ at the Open University (UK). | Lead design, development and maintenance of [PT Anywhere](http://pt-anywhere.kmi.open.ac.uk/), | a web version for the popular network simulator ([Cisco Packet Tracer](https://www.netacad.com/about-networking-academy/packet-tracer/)). | Scaling up PT to run more than 500 simultaneous instances per machine using Docker. | Creating web API for managing instance allocation and creation based on the computer load. | Creating tools and visualizations to aid teachers improving students' learning process. | Creating automatic provision scripts for every component of the architecture. | Research on Technology Enhanced Learning within [FORGE](http://ict-forge.eu/) and [weSPOT](http://wespot.net) EU projects. | _Additional skills_: agile methodologies & problem assessing and solving. | 2014-2015 | __Research Associate__ and 2008-2014 | /t__Research Assistant__ at the University of Deusto (Spain). | I installed and managed a multi-node [OpenStack](https://www.openstack.org/) cloud. This cloud hosted the components of a web application (a remote laboratory) ensuring its [high availability](https://github.com/gomezgoiri/weblabdeusto-playbooks). | I co-designed and implemented an authentication and authorization mechanism for [hardware-constrained devices](https://github.com/lightsec). | I ported the [CLIPS](http://www.clipsrules.net/) [rule-based reasoner to Android](https://github.com/gomezgoiri/CLIPS4Android). | _Additional skills_: team working, self-learning, agile methodologies, working to deadlines & problem assessing and solving. | 2013 | __Visiting researcher__ at the ETH Zürich (7 weeks) and 2011 | /tat Lancaster University (6 weeks) | 2011 and 2012 | __Assistant lecturer__ at the University of Deusto. | I taught BSc and MSc students _programming_ (data structures and algorithms in Java) and | _development tools_ (VCS, unit testing, continuous integration and issue tracking systems). | _Additional skills_: communication & working to deadlines. | 2007 | __System administrator__ at Asanpi 2000 S.L. ## Education 2010-2014 | __PhD__ in Computer Science. University of Deusto, Spain. | Dissertation: “_Semantic Tuple Spaces for Constrained Devices: A Web-compliant Vision_”. 2009-2010 | __M.Sc.__ in Development and Integration of Software Solutions | University of Deusto, Spain. Specializations: Java and mobile computing. 2002-2008 | __B.Sc.__ Computer Engineering | __B.Sc.__ Industrial Organization Engineering | (Joint Degree, University of Deusto, Spain) ## Awards 2009 | __Best Senior Thesis/Project__ of Computer Engineering and Industrial Organization Engineering (joint degree) at the University of Deusto. | The thesis covered both the _development_ and the _marketing_ of a web platform applied to logistics in the final delivery. ## Languages {# Check how to put this: 'professional working proficiency' #} {# http://www.govtilr.org/skills/ILRscale2.htm #} Spanish | Mother tongue English | Fluent (C1-C2)* Basque | Fluent (C1)* (*) Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level ## Technical Skills OS | Sysadmin on [GNU/Linux](http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html) ([Debian](https://www.debian.org/) and [RHEL](https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/7.0_Release_Notes/) -based) & [OpenStack](https://www.openstack.org/) Languages | [JavaScript](http://www.w3schools.com/js/), [Java](http://www.java.com), [Python](https://www.python.org) and others to a lesser extent {# [PHP](http://php.net), [SQL](http://www.w3schools.com/sql/) & [SPARQL](https://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-query/) #} Web frontend | [HTML5](http://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_intro.asp), [CSS](http://www.w3schools.com/css/), [React](https://reactjs.org/), [Redux](https://es.redux.js.org/) y [Rxjs](https://rxjs-dev.firebaseapp.com/) | Wide experience using libraries like [Material UI](https://material-ui.com/), [Highcharts](https://www.highcharts.com/), [vis.js](http://visjs.org/) or [Google maps](https://www.google.com/maps) {# [AngularJS](https://angularjs.org/), [jQuery](https://jquery.com/) & #} Web backend | REST, [Springboot](https://spring.io/projects/spring-boot), [Jersey](https://jersey.java.net/) ([JAX-RS](https://jax-rs-spec.java.net/)), [Flask](http://flask.pocoo.org/), Websockets, [Keycloak](https://www.keycloak.org), [Celery](http://www.celeryproject.org/) & [Swagger](http://swagger.io/) {# [Restlet](https://restlet.com/) #} Amazon WS | Gateway API, Lambda, Cloudfront, RDS, DynamoDB, Iot, Elastic Beanstalk, S3 & Cognito Big data | [Spark structured streaming](https://spark.apache.org) & [Kafka](https://kafka.apache.org/) Data Analysis | [Pandas](http://pandas.pydata.org/), [Matplotlib](http://matplotlib.org/), [Scikit-learn](http://scikit-learn.org) & [Jupyter](https://ipython.org/notebook.html) Mobile & IoT | [Android](https://www.android.com/), Linux-based embedded platforms (e.g., [Raspberry Pi](https://www.raspberrypi.org/)) & [Arduino](https://www.arduino.cc/) (beginner) Databases | [PostgreSQL](https://www.postgresql.org/), [DynamoDB](https://aws.amazon.com/es/dynamodb/), [InfluxDB](https://www.influxdata.com/), [Redis](http://redis.io/), [MongoDB](https://www.mongodb.org/), [MySQL](https://www.mysql.com/), RDF Stores ([Sesame](http://rdf4j.org/), [GraphDB](http://ontotext.com/products/graphdb/)) & [Learning Locker](https://learninglocker.net) ([Tin Can API](http://tincanapi.com/)) DevOps | [Docker](https://www.docker.com/), [Ansible](https://www.ansible.com/), [Jenkins](https://jenkins-ci.org/), [Maven](https://maven.apache.org/), [Npm](https://www.npmjs.com), [Serverless](https://serverless.com), [Pip](https://pip.pypa.io), [Git](https://git-scm.com/), [Mercurial](https://www.mercurial-scm.org/) & [SVN](https://subversion.apache.org/) {# [Vagrant](https://www.vagrantup.com/), [Gulp](http://gulpjs.com/), [Bower](http://bower.io/) #} Testing | XUnit, [Mockito](http://mockito.org/), [EasyMock](http://easymock.org/), [Jasmine](http://jasmine.github.io/), [jMeter](http://jmeter.apache.org/) (beginner) & [Selenium](http://www.seleniumhq.org/) (beginner) {# From PhD: RESTdesc, FuXi, SimPy, pyzeroconf #} ## Achievements and interests {# Other Work #} * As part of my research work, I attended conferences and published scientific articles in the Future Internet and TEL fields. More details can be found in my personal website. {# ubiquitous computing (IoT) #} * I am a __technology enthusiast__: I enjoy learning and keeping up to date with new platforms, frameworks and development methodologies. * I endorse __free software__ and __open data__ ideals. * I like climbing, cycling and playing basketball. #### (This CV was made using HTML, CSS & JS: [http://gomezgoiri.net/cv.html](http://gomezgoiri.net/cv.html)) {# References: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/careers-advice/cvs-and-cover-letters/how-to-write-a-cv #} {# References: https://prospects-ac-uk.cdn.prismic.io/prospects-ac-uk%2F9e2b53c3-6824-4d5f-8544-1d0d983c5ad8_cv-it-2015.pdf #}